Meditations from the Symbiocene (2022)

Kexin Hao
Sponsor: Goethe, Host: V2_Lab

Meditations from the Symbiocene (2022) is work by Miche O’Higgins.

Meditations from the Symbiocene is an immersive science-fiction experience that explores how touch and embodiment can build a more sensual relationship to the more-than-human world.

Meditations from the Symbiocene invites visitors to intimately experience the eroticism of a symbiotic, interconnected ecology through a guided somatic journey into the bodies of the lichen-inspired organisms that populate it.

It is a queer imagining that exists within a wider exploration of post-human drag. It asks what worlds might emerge if we suspend our purist dreams of “returning to nature” and instead lean in to the artificiality and constructed nature of nature itself. What new kind of grotesque beauty might we find there, and what pleasure lies in the swampy worlds between interspecies boundaries?

Concept Development 

Miche O’Higgins
Alex Scobie

Miche O’Higgins

3D Design

Miche O’Higgins

Sound Design
Alex Scobie

This project was developed as part of a Summer Sessions residency at V2_.