Francesco Luzzana
Sponsor: Sardegno Teatro, Host: V2_Lab

Object Oriented Choreography (OOC) (2022) is a collaborative performance featuring a dancer wearing a virtual reality headset and the audience itself.

At the beginning of the event, members of the public are invited to log on to o-o-c.org, where they can directly transform the virtual environment in which the performer finds herself. The spectators are an integral part of the performance and contribute to the unfolding of the choreography.
The work presents technology as a moment of mutual listening: one who participates is no longer merely a user but someone who definitely inhabits and creates the technological environment in which the performance happens. The performer not only is connected to each of the spectators but also acts as a channel that links them together. Thus, the show reenacts and explores one of the paradigms of the contemporary world: the Zone.

Performer and choreography
Sofia Casprini

Concept and development
Francesco Luzzana
Iulia Radu
Stefano Togni

Sound design
Micalis Papadopoulos

ariella vidach – AiEP
Triennale Milano

This project was developed during a residency at Sardegno Teatro and as part of a Summer Sessions residency at V2_.