LIMB-O (2020)

Marlot Meyer

Sponsor: V2_Lab, Host: V2_Lab

Information is everywhere yet we rely increasingly on the mind of a computer and the power of images. We separate virtual from physical, mind from body, input from output, knowledge from feeling, technology from nature, and individual from collective.

In LIMB-O, we experience, both online and offline, through the bodies of the audience, and the network’s participation, that one intimately and inescapably involves the other, that the inside and the outside are the same thing, and are continuously creating the other. In these liminal spaces where contrasts meet, rub and create friction, in the uncertain in-between, liveness is created. One cannot exist without the other.

The way we ‘think’ the world is shaped by the tools at our disposal. LIMB-O uses technological elements as tools to emphasize the already existing powers and dialogues that is present within our bodies, and our physical and digital environments. In doing so it produces a space where human intuition is encouraged with the aid of technological ability to push them into a wider range of possible experiences.

The structure of the installation reflects the interconnectedness of the digital network and physical world. But it also reflects our internal network of veins and vessels that carries oxygen, chemicals and electricity through our body which is constantly in communication with the outside environment, whilst keeping us alive and creating action. These structures are reflections of each other, and thus reflections of how communication occurs constantly on micro and macro scale.

The installation surrounds you, envelops our bodies and entangles us with the digital world. But it is too big to see in its entirety. It is only perceived through its influence on other things. The involuntary movement of muscles of the performer, the twitches and inflation of the structure carrying powerful, yet unseen air, the tingling of your fingers or the movement of your camera view can be accessed via a live stream at

The experience encourages users to let go of the idea of action and non-action, of connection and isolation. Because we are always connected, also long before there were telecommunications or satellites in the sky. Our bodies are the sole guardians of the knowledge of survival and communication between our inside and outside worlds. LIMB-O attempts to show you that without you having to do anything, you are affecting the world, and shows you were always doing it, be it in physical or a digital space.

This project was developed during a residency as part of a Summer Sessions residency at V2_.