FLYLYF (2021)

Marta Romanelli, Ludovica Lotito

Sponsor: Kilowatt, Host: Kilowatt

FLYLYF is a place to celebrate present, imaginary and possible nature. A vision of the world that cancels the gap between natural and artificial, the proposal of a communion of human, non-human and non-life forms of life, as different entities of the same ecosystem.
The work is inspired by the structure of the aviary and greenhouse as artificial environments capable of allowing an entity to survive out of context; invaded by speculative vegetation, FLYLYF becomes a symbol of an incomprehensible and unknown nature in which the human being is physically and conceptually reflected.

When people enter the installation, they influence the environment by activating a 220 Hz frequency that is attractive to the vegetation, a gesture that becomes a hymn, a wish for a fruitful collaboration aimed at coexistence.

Through a qr code positioned on the platform of the work it will be possible to access an Instagram filter inspired by the vision of birds – with altered colors and shapes – which creates a bridge between human reality and the perception of other entities. People will thus be able to move from an aesthetic conception linked to seeing, to one that includes a plurality of perceptive sensations that suggest ethical and aesthetic values, with the aim of empathizing with each other.

This project was developed during a residency as part of a Summer Sessions residency at V2_.