LILLU (2023)

Sophie Mars and Quintus Glerum
Sponsor: V2_Lab Host: Cairotronica

Lillu was inspired by Ancient Greek and Egyptian healing practices such as ‘dream incubation’, in which people went to visit sleep temples, lay down on a marble slab or ‘kline’ (where the modern word clinic comes from) and were put into a trance state where it is said they were touched by the Gods and came back with newfound wisdom and healing. In Ancient Egypt there was a similar crystal bed upon which patients would lie to receive healing sound frequencies that would heal certain organs in the body and more.

The work was also inspired by Sufi healing practices, including their music and dance rituals. In this piece we envisioned the healing practices of the future, in which Lillu spirits live in technology and activate it for creative and healing purposes, however only in exchange with human ‘carriers’ and their highest intentions.

This project was developed as part of a Summer Sessions residency at V2_.