Plutonizmi (2023)

Luana Lojić
Sponsor: Metamedia, Host: V2_Lab

Plutonizmi by Luana Lojić is an attempt to experience the surroundings by incinerating materials through solar power. The work focuses attention on how energy travels through different bodies, media and states by perceptual sensitivity, waste collecting, melting and language. Incineration chemically alters the state of waste bodies, and turns them into ash. Ash is dust that can be molded and mixed with sand, creating a new compound and new basis. In line with the concept of observational eros (taken from Jenny Odell’s How To Do Nothing), Luana Lojić propose a practice of guided attention, or an act of directed gaze, as concentration. Guided attention is the ability to notice small, peripheral, and neglected things. Not just objects, but also energy, subtlety, and the space in between. Whatever we observe becomes a new data transfer. From me to object, to movement, to sentence, to person.

This project was developed during a residency as part of a Summer Sessions residency at V2_.