(A)Live! (2020)

Igor Zenzerović

Sponsor: Metamedia Association, Host: Metamedia Association

(A)Live! is a bio-performance and a new-media interactive installation that radicalizes, through the medium of the work of art, the practice of observation as a bio-political act. The work was created as a synthesis of questions concerning ‘gaze exposure’ by an artist and the long-standing refusal to record, categorize, and archive one’s own performances.

(A)Live! is a tumultuous symbiosis of archiving transience woven from self-images and the singularity of ‘contact’ experience with the aura of art, that always distant ‘here and now’. A slimy ethical space is woven of self-image parasitism and metabolic symbiosis. I can enjoy a repetitive kefir scan, take a scanned reproduction (headshot), follow the projection on the grains or capture a moment with a camera flash – or, I take a few grains back home, making sure the kefir is alive!

This project was developed during a residency as part of a Summer Sessions residency at V2_.