Re-Cycles (2017)

Tin Dožić

Sponsor: Metamedia Association, Host: V2_Lab

Re-Cycles (2017) is a work based on waste objects. Tin Dožić uses e-waste, old tools, and other obsolete materials to create electroacoustic and mechanical instruments. Components of old electronics and tools become microphones that pick up electromagnetic emissions (coils from power supplies), tone generators (motors), resonant bodies (metal and wood), and moving mechanisms that produce sounds.

During his Summer Sessions residency in Rotterdam, Dožić collected e-waste and discarded materials through donations and browsing secondhand shops. From these materials he made mechanical objects for sound production. The process of making these objects is improvisational, depending on what is found and its constructional possibilities. The result is a sound performance that uses the movement of the obsolete as a means to give new value to discarded materials. It emphasizes the musical potential of the materials, as well as the problematics of overconsumption and pollution.

This project was developed during a residency as part of a Summer Sessions residency at V2_.