Listening (2018)

Xiao Ning & Liu Dixian

Sponsor: CAFA, Host: V2_Lab

Environmental noises are everywhere. It’s something that can’t be turned off simply because we can’t close our ears like we can close our eyes. The soundtrack around us is something people would call ‘noise’ if they’re asked to listen back to it. This raised the question what recording would represent a substitute for ‘real environmental sounds’. What exactly is the real listening experience?

[title of the work] uses a spatial positioning system that virtualizes several sound scenes in one space. Every time the audience explores the space by listening to a soundscape a microphone attached to the wearable device is also listening. Recording environmental sounds present at the location and will be mixed in real time into the soundscape.  Creating a live soundtrack that gives the audience “a sense of the scene” begin able to immerse themself in a soundtrack based on this real environmental sound.

What the audience will hear is scene sound mixed with reality and a virtual scenes.

Aim is to let the audience think that the situation they’re in is real, creating a situation that’s experienced as to be true. The real listening experience?

This project was developed during a residency as part of a Summer Sessions residency at V2_.