Fragments (2021)

Leo Scarin

Sponsor: V2_Lab, Host: V2_Lab

A tool for using bodies and touch as collective instruments of conversation in the digital realm, Fragments is a VR project that facilitates the engagement of two bodies over a digital network. It can function as a performance as well as an immersive interactive installation. The users interact with each other through their bare hands in a virtual environment that digitizes their material presence into a grainy apparition. The distance between the two bodies influences the parameters of a live-generated audio stream, creating a musical composition. In this space, two people reach a new form of consciousness: being present together.

Within the context of social distancing, uncertainty around the promise of physical contact as we have been limited to digital communication has distorted our perception of tangibility. Our senses of proximity and intimacy are stuck in the gap between two worlds: one of sensorial reality and 1.5-meter distances, one of data streaming and rapid interconnection. Human interaction has been reinstated by countless technological solutions enabling contactless connection as a substitute in the struggle to fill the physical void. Reciprocal exchange remains necessary for conscious growth. Fragments restores attention to the collective body as a digital medium by converting binary data from two or more people into soundwaves, physical vibrations and visual feedback.

This project was developed during a residency as part of a Summer Sessions residency at V2_.