Tim Høijberg
Sponsor: TEKS, Host: V2_Lab

Empty Pleasure Vessel delves into the intrinsic connections and contrasts between our tangible existence and the vast digital cosmos we navigate daily. It asks the question: As technology becomes ever-more entwined with our being, how does it reshape our perceptions of self, society, and the very fabric of our existence?

Central to this experience is the concept of “digital ontology”. Think of this as the life and essence digital objects possess, whether it’s a piece of software, digital sculpture, or an AI entity. These objects, while devoid of breath, pulse with life through code and algorithms, influencing and being influenced by us, their human counterparts.

Fractals embodies self-replicating structures that exist in both nature and the digital realm. Fractals, with their ceaseless repetition, symbolize continuity and renewal, serving as a tangible testament to the intertwining of our physical world with the digital.

This is explored through a two-channel video work that immerses viewers in the dynamic interplay between tangible reality and the digital expanse. Using technologies like face tracking from the artist and AI-driven voice synthesis, digital characters lead you through speculative narratives that delve into the borders of us and them, us and another, us and the other.

This project was developed during a residency as part of a Summer Sessions residency at V2_.