Dammi sa manu, chi so gherrende (2021)

Sara Persico

Sponsor: Sardegna Teatro, Host: Sardegna Teatro

A series of compositions follow one another in the imposing space of the Washhouse, once one of the key sites in the Argentiera mining process.
The sound is imbued with the stories and details absorbed by this place: from echoes of the past through stories, visible testimonies in the abandoned buildings and in the surrounding nature, to the stories of the people who now live in the former mining village and the different relationships that they tie their lives to the same.
In the mezzanines above it is possible to observe a series of videos from above, which challenge the gaze in a contemplation through a dense flow of visions. But the spectators themselves are part of the installation process in a subversion of roles that brings their image and their gaze back into the room.
The scenic plot is the essential figure of this meta-installation, in which the parts are reversed and the observers become performers at the same time, caught in the juncture of a perceptive exploration that requires confrontation.

This project was developed during a residency as part of a Summer Sessions residency at Sardegna Teatro.