Construction in Time and Place (2015)

Teun Vonk

Sponsor: V2_ Host: Chronus

During a two months residency in Shanghai Teun Vonk created two projects: the first one attempts to capture a hyper-realistic image of a tree, through view points at various places and time. He asked for permission to film the tree from different residents’s apartments surrounding it, and created an image of an horizontal tree which consists of different perspectives and can barely be seen as reality. For some residents, the tree is relatively close to their apartment and obstructs their view ,and some others regard it creates a nice piece of nature. For Teun Vonk, it was a opportunity to make contact with residents and take a look into their life and homes.

The second project is a playful interaction with the package delivery men who build “practical sculptures” of packages every day on their e-bikes to deliver around the city. By sending a specially designed device and frame-only boxes, Teun Vonk tried to create something familiar yet alienated to the delivery person and provide a view from the inside of the sculpture capturing the movement of delivery in the city.

This project was developed during a residency as part of a Summer Sessions residency at V2_.