Audio-Visual Map (2016)

Gábor Pribék
Sponsor: Kitchen Budapest, Host: Chronus Art Center

In big cities the environment is surrounded by prolific information-overflow which influences our travel experience. What is also evident is the shift of attention towards the private digital space of the inhabitant’s smartphones. Audio-visual map is an experiment based on these facts, exploring an alternative audio-visual version of public spaces.

During Summer session residency at CAC Gábor Pribék creates a digital composition that interprets the streets of M50 as a musical score. The structure and units of the buildings are transformed into simplified 3D graphics, and a multilayered ambient music is designed for the specific locations in the area. Walking in the streets generates a musical composition, an opposite of the linear playing of music associated with 3D visuals. This expands the original function of the space, transforming it into a digitalized audio-visual experience.

The experiment is a diptych with two versions. The geolocation based version can be explored on the actual streets of M50 with a smartphone app and earphones. The other version is based on immersive virtual reality, which can be experienced through a head-mounted display, controller and headphones.

A prototype and work-in progress will be presented on Saturday. Please bring Android phones and headphones for opened testing.

This project was developed during a residency as part of a Summer Sessions residency at V2_.