Location: Oslo, Norway

PNEK is a network structure aiming to provide the optimal production conditions for artists working with electronic, experimental and interdisciplinary art. We support artists and organisations with project development, workshops, screening/ distribution of works, and activities aiming to raise the general awareness about hybrid artforms (e.g. seminars and social/artistic events).

The network consists of 12 member nodes (media labs), located in different Norwegian cities.
PNEK can provide basic/limited travel support for artistic/structural exchange, and for developing international relations (artists, curators, bloggers etc.). Projects linked to one/several nodes are prioritized.
We have a small, double bed guest apartment at Grünerløkka, Oslo. The flat can be used for free for short-term residencies for artists/curators working on projects/ research relevant for the network.

PNEK is organized as an independent cultural foundation. For 2016 the working budget is about 120.000 EUR, funded by Arts Council Norway.