Location: , Italy
Sponsors: 1 project.
Due to the COVID pandemic, Sineglossa an Kilowatt will host the summer sessions locally this year. The application is open for Italians only this year, please read more about how to apply here:


Sineglossa is a cultural ecosystem based in Italy. We foster new sustainable development models in response to global challenges by applying the processes of contemporary art. As a research center, we shape new methodologies; as a cultural organisation, we implement best practices by matching artists with universities, public administrations and enterprises in order to create complex ecosystems where knowledge, skills and visions are blended to generate innovation. The approach as well as the results are what we call New Renaissance: a cross-fertilization platform aimed at designing solutions that benefit the whole community. In order to raise public awareness on our issues we curate art+b=love(?), a yearly festival dedicated to the innovative power of art.