Location: Montreal, Canada
SAT (Society for Arts and Technology) focuses in the relationship between art, technology and society, with research at its heart. SAT is actively engaged in research on immersive, interactive and networked technologies in support of artistic and social initiatives. Scenic, an open source telepresence software for performance and installation, is one of the research outputs.The Buzz Word for the Summer Sessions at SAT will be "Immersion". Artists with ideas and some experience with immersive productions for Cyclorama will thus be more at ease with us.


Founded in 1996, the SAT is a non-profit organization that is recognized internationally for its active, vanguard role in developing immersive technologies, augmented reality and the creative use of high-speed networks. The SAT, with its dual function as a centre for arts and research, was created to support a new generation of creators/ researchers in the digital age. 


Ensconced on Saint-Laurent Boulevard at the South end of Montreal's performing arts district, the Quartier des spectacles, the SAT has become an indispensible meeting space and a place where everything becomes possible, in which the "positive contamination" that takes place among the artistic, scientific and technological sectors places the SAT, as an innovating partner, at the crossroads of these three major economic pillars.


The SAT is at the epicentre of information and communications technologies, a field that employs more than 120 000 people in Montreal, 70% of whom work less than 5 kilometres from its facilities. This clientele of initiates and non-initiates alike take advantage of SAT programs to develop their networks and increase their knowledge in this constantly evolving sector. The SAT, as both a driving force and a showcase for trends in computer arts and design, is an important barometer of their social and economic impacts. As a result of its organizational model, which brought research, training, creation and dissemination together under the same roof, SAT was invited to join, as its first North American member, the Open Living Labs (ENoLL) network, a European initiative with more than 200 members from research and innovation centres all over the world.