The Summer Sessions are short-term, international residencies for emerging artists that are organized by a network of cultural organizations all over the world. During the program you will work in a highly productive atmosphere in which continuous support, feedback and expert supervision is offered. The result is a pressure cooker in which you will develop a project from concept to presentable work, ready to show. The duration of a residency is roughly 8 weeks in the period between June 15th and September 30th.

Every year during the summer young artists get support from a local sponsor to go abroad for a production residency at a host institute.


  • You are under 35 years of age and/or have graduated no more than 5 years before the time of applying.

  • You live in one of the countries in which a sponsor institute is located.


  • Budget for travel, accommodation, materials and fee.

  • Access to the facilities of the host institute.

  • Advice and support by curators, project managers and/or other staff.

  • The possibility to present your work.


  1. Formulate a concrete project proposal. There are no requirements in terms of theme, topic or discipline.

  2. Create a 2 minute video explaining your project. Please note that all the partners in the network review the submitted video's, so English is preferred (don't worry you won't be judged on grammar or pronunciation).

  3. Upload your video to a service like Youtube or Vimeo.*

  4. Return to this website and fill out the online application form to provide your personal details. Don’t forget to include the link to your online video proposal.

* Note that on Youtube you can make the video 'unlisted' so it can not be found without knowing the URL. On Vimeo you can set a password.

And then what ?

The selection results will be communicated by mid June.

If you are selected to do a Summer Session, your host institute will work out the practical details with you; exact dates, travel, accommodation, visa.

Projects Realised

Below are the results from the Summer Sessions since 2009.


The Machine in the Middle

Artist: Claudia Oliveira Sponsor: Arquivo 237 Host: V2_Lab

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Soundtrack for Webcams

Artist: Magnus Bugge Sponsor: PNEK Host: V2_Lab

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Still Gold Rushing

Artist: May Heek Sponsor & Host: V2_Lab

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Artist: Tin Dožić Sponsor: Metamedia Association Host: V2_Lab

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Ex Topia

Artist: PLATEAURESIDUE, Aljaž Celarc & Eva Pavlic Seifer Sponsor: MoTA Host: V2_Lab

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This Time Is Not The Place

Artist: Ryan Cherewaty Sponsor: V2_Lab Host: Arquivo 237

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Time Shift

Artist: Mark IJzerman Sponsor: V2_Lab Host: Art Center Nabi

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Data Production Labour

Artist: Manuel Beltrán Sponsor: V2_Lab Host: UNTREF

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The Flag of Data

Artist: Yeoul Son Sponsor: Art Center Nabi Host: V2_Lab

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Artist: Katarina Petrović Sponsor: V2_Lab Host: MoTA

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Near Strangers

Artist: DIASPORA, Constanza Casamadrid & Juan León Sponsor: UNTREF Host: V2_Lab

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Pickcoin is a work by Inari Wishiki. Sponsor: Interactive Media Design Lab, NAIST Host: V2_

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a note on slippage

a note on slippage is a work by Vida Guzmic. Sponsor: Metamedia Association Host: V2_

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17 seconds

17 Seconds is a work by Lai I-Chen. Sponsor: NTMOFA Host: V2_

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Extraneous Relationship

Extraneous Relationship is a work by Jun Hyoung San. Sponsor: Art Center Nabi Host: V2_

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Opinify App

Opinify App is a work by Zane Cerpina. Host: V2_

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0 - 255

0 - 255 is an interactive installation by Susana Sanches. Sponsor: Arquivo 237 Host: V2_

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Web Spaces

Web Spaces is a work by Jip de Beer. Sponsor: V2_ Host: Kitchen Budapest

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Audio-Visual Map

Audio-Visual Map is a work by Gábor Pribék Sponsor: Kitchen Budapest Host: Chronus Art Center

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25271067 is a work by Sebastian Pasquel. Sponsor: UNTREF Host: V2_

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Origin: Cycle #1

Origin: Cycle #1 a audiovisual installation by Mischa Daams. Sponsor: V2_ Host: Art Center Nabi

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Undiscovered Territory

Undiscovered Territory is a work by Siri Borge. Sponsor: PNEK Host: V2_

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Emotion Hero

Emotion Hero is a work by Ruben van der Ven. Sponsor: V2_ Host: Arquivo 237

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Ways of moving: Tango

Ways of moving: Tango is a work by Joana Chicau Sponsor: V2_ Host: Untref/Espacio Nixso

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The Physical Rhythm Machine

The Physical Rhythm Machine (2016) is a work by Philip Vermeulen. Sponsor: V2_ Host: Metamedia Association

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Habitáculos Orgánicos

Habitáculos Orgánicos is a project by Gabriela Munguía that explores the poetic possibilities of building structures and architectures for micro-organisms. Sponsor UNTREF, host: V2_.

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A sound installation/sculpture developed by Benjamin Nelson. Sponsor: PNEK Host: V2_

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Construction in Time and Place

Construction in Time and Place is the 2015 Summer Sessions residency research project of Teun Vonk. Sponsor: V2_ Host: Chronus

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WOOF & WOW (2015, Gaspard Bos and Charlot Boonekamp) is a local solution to plastic pollution with special attention to the social-economical context of marginalized communities in Peru. Sponsor and host: V2_, host Peru: Loop.

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Union Scope

'Union Scope' (2015, Fako Berkers) finds iconic images on the internet from different European cultures, about topics that concern Europeans today. Sponsor and host: V2_

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The Life of a Mayfly

The Life of a Mayfly is a work by Chin Chi-Ping, developed during a 2015 Summer Sessions residency. Sponsor: NTMOFA Host: V2_

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A Hipster Bar

A Hipster Bar (2015, Max Dovey) uses image recognition software to enforce a strict door policy that only admits people that look hipster enough. Sponsor and host: V2_

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'Reverie' (2014) is a work by Niklas Adam. Sponsor: PNEK HostV2_

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In 'Place-Talk' (2014) a box-shaped locative media device facilitates dialog between online and offline users. The project was developed by artist duo Iris & Cedar (CN). Sponsor: Chronus HostV2_

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Vertigo System

'Vertigo System' (2014) is the Summer Sessions residency project of Máté Pacsika which he developed at Chronus Art Center, Shanghai. Sponsor: V2_ Host: Chronus

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Doing Nothing

We are constantly doing things with the general purpose to make ourselves and others more content. Could doing nothing however also be a means to this end? For his residency project 'Doing Nothing' (2014) Maarten Hunink explored a possible answer to this question, by simply doing nothing. Sponsor & HostV2_

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Rapid Prototyping

'Rapid Prototyping' (2014) is a series of works developed by Joseph Hughes. Sponsor & HostV2_

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Where are We?

'Where are We?' (2014) is a live-cinema installation developed by Juan Salas Carreño. Sponsor: Revolver Galeria  HostV2_

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'Phonosynthesis' (2014)  is a work developed by Chi Po-Hao during a 2014 Summer Sessions residency at V2_. Sponsor: NTMOFA HostV2_

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"Endless (The Automation of Torment)" (2013) is a robot, which performs a desperate, meaningless taks, developed by Leif Parker.Sponsor: Canadian Film CenterHost: V2_

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Pulp Landscape II

"Pulp Landscape II" (2013) is a miniature film studio in a suitcase, by Weiyi Hu.Sponsor: ChronusHost: V2_

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Memory of Form and Matter

"Memory of Form and Matter" (2013) is a sculpture series by Chris Sugrue exploring hybrid digital-physical forms. It combines algorithmically generated structures with digital simulations and animation. Sponsor: LABoralHost: iMAL

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"Neuromancer" (2013) is a work by Chin-Hsiang Hu.Sponsor: NTMOFAHost: V2_

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The Iron Ring Project

"The Iron Ring" (2013) is a work by Cecila Jonsson.Sponsor: PNEKHost: V2_

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Post-Human Card

"Post-Human Card" (2013) is an interactive art work by Opel-Tsai Ou Bau.Sponsor: NTMOFAHost: V2_

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Border Check

"Border Check" (2013) by Roel Roscam Abbing is a software project that illustrates and plays around with the physical and political realities behind the internet. Sponsor: V2_ Host: LABoral

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Analog Sun Tracking

"Analog Sun Tracking" (2013) by Johannes Langkamp follows the movement of the sun through a 24 hours time-lapse video. Sponsor: V2_ Host: Chronus  

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the_garden_of_ earthly_delights

the_garden_of_earthly_delights (2013) is a video installation by Oskar Maan.Sponsor: V2_Host: Canadian Film Center

Autopoietic Systems: Speak To Me

The result of the Summer Session 2013 of Špela Petrič is a proposal for a larger project. Sponsor: Baltan Laboratories i.c.w. V2_Host: The George Church Laboratory at Harvard Medical School and Joe Davis

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Portrait Series

"Portrait Series" (2012) consists of interactive portraits in which Carina Hesper plays with the human gaze and behavior.

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"Obstruction" (2012) is a work-in-progress by Po-Ting Lee, in collaboration with Maartje Dijkstra.

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Module #2

"Module #2" is the second version of Tom Verbruggen's (TokTek) handmade, wooden four-step sequencer driven by a steam engine.

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"N0things" (2012) by Constantijn Smit is an iPhone app that can abstract a simplified geometric shape from a photo.

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"Bioscope" (2012) is the new version of the early movie projector, adjusted to our times by Jon Stam and Simon de Bakker.

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TK 730

The "TK 730" (2011) is a work by the eTextiles Workspace group (Anja Hertenberger, Leonie Urff, Ricardo O'Nascimento and Meg Grant).

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Oil Compass

"Oil Compass" (2011) is an interactive data visualization tool developed by Kasia Molga (UK), co-produced by V2_Lab.

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Wearable Urban Routine

"Wearable Urban Routine" (2011) by Xiaowen Zhu is a two-week walk performance with a wearable device.

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Moving Mapping

"Moving Mapping" (2011) is a work by Jelle Valk and Olav Huizer (from the WERC collective) on the aesthetics of projection mapping.

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"Pseudomorphs" (2010) are tech-couture pieces by Anouk Wipprecht.

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Action Plant

"Action Plant" (2010) is a work by Ivan Henriques. It is a speculative proposal to empower threatened species of plants with the ability to flee from their aggressors.

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"ObserverObject" (2010) is a work by Joachim Rotteveel, it is a self-portrait and an augmented reality interface which enables the visitor to look through the eyes of the artist/artwork at oneself.

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"II" (2009) is a work by Tarik Barri.

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Acoustic Mirror_Moss

"Acoustic Mirror_Moss" (2009) is an audio-visual work by David de Buyser.

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Media Vintage

"Media Vintage" (2009) is a series of interactive electronic textiles developed by Melissa Coleman.

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